zaterdag, 05. juni 2010

Fritjof Nelting

Instructor Fritjof Nelting

  • Naam: Nelting
  • Voornaam: Fritjof
  • Geboortejaar: 1983
  • Nationaliteit: Duitsland
  • Spreektalen: DE,  EN, CN, HU, FR
  • Woonplaats: DE Bonn
  • E-Mail:
  • TBBA-Licentie: Trainer (2007), Instructor (2009)
  • laatste Supervisie: 2010

Fritjof Nelting has been doing sports almost his entire life. His love to China is already rooted in his family history. His grandmother was born in China and he himself lived in Qingdao and Beijing. He is married to a chinese woman, has one daughter and also speaks and writes in chinese. He ist the CEO of the Gezeiten Haus Klinik in Bonn, a private hospital for traditional chinese medicine and psychosomatics. His mother is Taiji QiGong teacher as well as a Tuina-Anmo therapist (traditional chinese health massage), she founded the hospital together with his father Dr. Manfred Nelting in 2004.

Since he became a Taiji Bailong Ball Trainer in 2007 (his teachers were the founder and master of Taiji Bailong Ball Prof. Bai Rong and the instructor and Taiji Bailong Ball pioneer Xiaofei Sui) he plays and teaches Taiji Bailong Ball.

In 2008 he became the european champion in Bonn in “multiplay competetive” and “singleplay freestyle” as well as he became second in in “multiplay cooperative”.

Early in 2010 he started a new online shop for Taiji Bailong Ball Equipment where you can buy TBBA approved equipment which is found on

His brand new Taiji Bailong Ball DVD-course which has been produced in cooperation with the TBBA is now available under